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Complaints: Here at Facialsculpting we take complaints very seriously and if you are not satisfied with our service in the first instance please contact us by calling +44 (0) 7340093939, email, or in writing by addressing your letter to Dr. Nina Bal and sending your complaint to the following address: 25 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JD. We aim to respond to all complaints within 7 working days however if you are not happy with the response you receive, we will involve one of the senior partners, if you are still unhappy after their response, you can contact the dental complaints service below:

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There are so many ways you can support small businesses during these unprecedented times from the comfort of your own sofa : .
- like their posts
. -comment under their posts .
- share their posts
. - tell your real life friends . .

Let’s spread the love and support each other’s.

We are in this all together . ❤️
(Photo taken before lockdown)
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While Boris is (finally ) locking down LONDON (live right now ) as I am writing this post (I personally have been self isolating for a week with my family ), I want to say that we are to help you and at your service from... my house .
There is so much we can do during this unusual time : what I am personally doing is working on my skin in the best possible way, with potent , medical grade skincare products and supplements to boost my collagen production and actively maintain the best possible skin condition.
If you would like to do the same as me or plan a more extensive treatment plan for when normality will resume , I am here with my earphones on the side of the screen to help you, if you want to.
Let’s all enjoy slowing our life pace down .
Sending love to everyone 💓

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From me 💕 ...

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I am SO sorry to announce that our CLINICS will remain CLOSED from now for the foreseeable few weeks until further notice due to the corona virus emergency outbreak .
I never thought I would have had to say something like this in my lifetime .
As most of my followers and clients know , I am Italian , specifically from Northern Italy where the situation is dramatic , so I have been watching the situation since the beginning very closely .
I had to take this decision to protect not only my family (I have two small children, both with acute asthma triggered by viruses !) but also my clients : dentists are the category most exposed, and I don’t want to risk to carry the virus either home or to my clients , who I always act in their best interest .
I don’t choose what is easy or best for me or would benefit myself most (which would definitely be to stay open ) , but what’s RIGHT for my clients, my family , my children and the society .
I don’t feel I can be safe enough if I stayed open and carried on working right now , in this constant developing situation of Covid-19.
Few weeks ago I was asking my clients not to come if they visited abroad or had symptoms : now it doesn’t matter anymore , the virus is here and much more present than what we think.

It’s been such a hard decision but there are moments in life like this sad historical situation where we have to act for everyone ‘ s long term best interest .
I am here available from home for whoever would like a Skype consultation or follow up (and plan the treatment once everything is back to normal ), apologies in advance if you will hear some screaming from my little boys on the background.
I am staying at home .
I will keep posting , less frequently, to still show my positivity and to show empowerment and support from my end, which is what my page is all about 💕. ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE- EVERYTHING WILL BE OK IF and I repeat IF everyone works and acts for the community’ s best interest and not personal .
I can’t wait to see you all back in the clinics .

Stay safe .

All my love ,

Dr Nina

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I am proud to announce that I just started my own YouTube @youtube channel!
Ekkkk!! I have so many super exciting videos soon to upload .

Let me know below what you would like to watch the most .
Thank you for your amazing support in advance 💕
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We ALL struggle with skin issues .
They might be different, and at times you might feel lonely , but you are NOT!
Even the celebrities that you think have been blessed with the most flawless skin ... they are not .
They are exactly like me and you .
They all use filters to make their skin look flawless and order ... exactly like me and you .
Hat off to KK who has always been so open about her psoriasis on her face and body.
I personally have it on my sculpt .

Look yourself at the mirror , smile and be proud of what you see .
Self love 💓
#tbt #tbt❤️ #celeb #kk #skincare #skin #skincareroutine #skincaretips #psoriasis #beauty #beautybloggers #beautyblog #blogger #londonblogger #london

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You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose how to react and your attitude towards it.
I choose to smile and see the silver linings in all the bad.
I wish everyone a positive weekend full of optimism, sending all my love to everyone in Italy . I am so proud of my native country .💕

#Aesthetics #Aestheticmedicine #Facelift #Nonsurgicalfacelift #Cheekfillers #lipfiller #lip #Lipaugmentation #dermalfillers #Lipenhancement #uk #londonblogger #weekendvibes

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The 24 year old supermodel and TV personality has transformed her appearance subtly over the years.
Kendall has also suffered with breakouts over the years, she always has been very open about her struggles with skin .

Kendall's face has been aesthetically sculpted which has subtly enhanced her face and already beautiful features.
Facial Sculpting is a concept rather than a procedure , which I specialise in. Studies of the most beautiful women in the world have shown that they have countless instances of this ratio in their faces.
The Italian Renaissance polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci, used the Golden Ratio and realised that the closer a face or object gets to this number, the higher the level of its perceived beauty. It’s also known as Phi, or the Fibonacci number.

At consultation, I use the Golden Ratio, as well as my own personal assessment, to analyse my client’s face and creste a bespoke specific treatment plan. ***DISCLAIMER SHE IS NOT MY CLIENT AND I HAVE NEVER TREATED HER
I have never urged anyone to undertake treatment and this is against my ethics as a practitioner .
My post is certainly not aimed at urging anybody to do anything, as the text makes very clear.***

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I love how the chin position is crucial in determining your side profile .
A weak chin can make the nose look bigger and the jawline to looked defined.
At the contrary, a chin aligned on the right angle based on the Golden Ratio , balances the side profile , softens the features and can hide the double chin area , if present .
Results done with dermal filler injections can last up to 6/12 months .
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Definitely NOT today as we had the worst weather ever for the last month .
Although the sunshine keeps hiding from us , don’t be fooled and keep applying on your skin religiously everyday a combination of Vitamin C plus SPF at least 40 + to protect your skin from UV rays , responsible for ageing of the skin and sun damage .
You have no idea where to start and what to use ?
Don’t worry , it can be overwhelming out there , come and see me and I will help you.
A pair of sunglasses is a great idea too to protect the delicate and thin skin around the eyes and preventing from squinting as long as they have not mirror lenses : avoid them completely if you don’t want all the Uv rays reflected back to your skin and causing horrible pigmentation on your cheeks .
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