Will people know I’ve had non-surgical cosmetic treatment?

Apart from the first 24-72 hours when there is swelling (after fillers), no one will be able to tell. People might notice your great skin and compliment you on it but they won’t be able to pinpoint any difference.

Are Botox and fillers painful?

Discomfort is minimal with both Botox and fillers. Dr Nina uses a topical anaesthetic cream on the skin before fillers and uses the smallest needles you can find in medicine. Her gentle manner will reassure you. ​

What can I do to reduce swelling after fillers?

We recommend ice packs or frozen peas, Arnica and paracetamol.

Is Botox safe?

Allergic reactions to Botox are extremely rare. Post-Botox discomfort is generally limited to bruising, for which I recommend ice, Arnica and paracetamol.

When will I need a top-up?

Botox lasts three months, and fillers 6-12 months, with this being dependent on the patient’s metabolism and activity levels.

Is top-up included?

Top-ups are included in the fee for the initial treatment for Botox, up to 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

Is consultation free?

We charge £60 for consultations but this is redeemable against any treatment.

How can I book?

Call or message +44 (0)7340 093939 or email info@facialsculpting.co.uk.

Botox Aftercare

Following your Botox treatment it is important to follow these aftercare instructions to get the best results. Facial Sculpting also invite you to come back for a free review within two/three weeks’ time so we can see how you are feeling. This could include a top up if required the top cannot be performed before the 14 day period.

Azzalure® normally takes an average of 2 to 3 days to start working, although it may take up to 14 days full effects to be seen. The speed of action will depend on the strength of your facial muscles and your individual response to the injection.

We hope you will be delighted with your more youthful appearance. The results should last up to four months and then you might wish to return for further treatments.

what about side effects?
Like all medicines, Botox can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. The majority of reactions are harmless and temporary.
You might feel a bit of discomfort as the needle enters your skin. Some clients will also experience bruising or bleeding at injection sites.
Very rarely, Botulinum toxin may result in muscle weakness away from the site of injection. If you have any worries contact us and we will see you without delay.

Aftercare tips
For at least 4 hours after treatment
Keep upright
Do not bend excessively

For at least 12 hours after treatment
Avoid extreme facial expressions
Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
Avoid wearing make-up

For at least 2 days after treatment
Do not rub or massage the treated area, this may cause the injected solution to spread to nearby muscles
No exercise

For at least 2 weeks after treatment
Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, very cold temperatures and saunas
Do not have any beauty treatments on your face e.g. facials, facial massage
We recommend that you avoid alcoholic beverages and anti-inflammatory medications before treatment. For the best results, schedule a botox appointment at least 2 weeks prior to any special events.

Dermal FIller Aftercare

Most people are able to continue with normal activities with immediate improvement in their appearance. Some will have some redness, pin prick marks, possibly swelling- particularly in the lips. Possibly bruising. Any swelling and bruising may be more apparent the next day.

Make-up should not be worn for 12 hours.

You are advised to avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise, sun bathing, and extremes of heat or cold for 14 days post treatment. These activities have been found to increase and prolong swelling.

Swelling may worsen in the first 24 hours, and then should settle within the first few days. Cold packs can be helpful in reducing swelling. As a consequence of swelling, the product may feel harder or lumpy and you may notice some asymmetry. The final result may be judged at 2 weeks.

Bruising may take a few days to appear, arnica can be helpful in clearing bruising. It is advisable to avoid aspirin and alcohol for 12-48 hours after treatment. Tenderness should settle as swelling goes down.

Athletes should be aware some ingredients in the product may show a positive in ‘anti-dope tests’

Please contact your practitioner if redness, tenderness, itching or swelling worsens after 3 days, rather than settling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

Hyaluronic Acid administration can result in anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) which in itself is life threatening and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the tongue, eyelids, lips, hoarseness of the voice, stomach pain, nausea or diarrhoea. If you have any of the above symptoms please report to your nearest Accident and Emergency Department or call 999 for an ambulance.

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Sooo guys , I finally stopped breastfeeding (well few months ago) and slowly feeling getting back to myself (even if the mum- tum is there but hey, who cares, look what I have at home !!). Sooo this autumn I can finally start to take care of my skin as it SHOULD.


I will do :
- Botox anti- wrinkles injections as prevention of the dynamic lines in my frown/ forehead / crows feet and around the mouth to prevent jowls (awful) which otherwise would appear in the 30s.
- Profhilo to improve my skin texture, firmness , hydration , glow and luminosity.
- Aquagold with a mix of botox , skinboosters , vitamins and HA to give me the most amazing glow .
Oh yes and of course welcome back to my retinol in my evening skin routine !

Have an amazing weekend everyone !

190 74


The model, TV Personality and the wife of Justin Bieber .

This is a perfect example of how less is more and subtle tweakments have really made a difference to her ‘Golden Ratio of Beauty’. Hailey ‘ s face transformation is a great example with how anyone can improve their ‘Golden Ratio of Beauty’.

Cheek Sculpting
Sculpting the cheekbones to define, sculpt, contour this also changes the face shape from round to heart. Some patients require Jawline Slimming to sculpt the lower 3rdof the face. .

Chin Sculpting
To add projection to the side and front profile, it adds lengths to the face so it appears heart shape. .

Brows lift
To lift the eyebrow to open the eyes and refresh, smooth the forehead.

Lip enhancement
To rejuvenate, add volume and contour the lips . ***DISCLAIMER SHE IS NOT MY CLIENT AND I HAVE NEVER TREATED HER
I have never urged anyone to undertake treatment and this is against my ethics as a practitioner .
My post is certainly not aimed at urging anybody to do anything, as the text makes it very clear .***

9317 144

Like in every aspect of someone’s else life , everything seems so much glamorous from the outside .
My daily routine is NOT glamorous I promise , a very hectic school run with one child every morning with bits of milk on my clothes from the baby , wearing leggings and whatever I find first in my closet , then quick change , run to work and lot of paper work after the clinic .
So I do not look like this on a daily basis but thank you SO much @jenlublindesign for making me believe I do!
And thanks for the endless legs 🤗

8884 153

More often than not I suggest the combination of the chin and jawline filler together to sculpt the side profile , as the chin either lacks of projection like in this before photo or of length .
By injecting fillers at the time in both area I can create an even better and more natural results.
Dermal Fillers are used to achieve this result, my first choice is an hyaluronic acid based for the chin such as Restylane Defyne or Aliaxin EV or Perfectha Subskin, And Ellanse or Perfectha Subskin for jawline which (the first one ) gives me an even greater collagen stimulation around the side profile .
Results last around 6 months .
Depending on the amount injected you can achieve an extremely natural result or a sharper / angular jawline , totally depending on what you prefer .

9773 151


The celebrity tbt today is the stunning English actress known for her role in ‘Games of Thrones’ which made her known globally .

How can you achieve a sculpted Jawline like Sophie’s? .

To add projection to the side and front profile, it adds lengths to the face so it appears heart shape. .

JAWLINE SLIMMING with Botulinum toxin
To slim the face and reduce the width of the jaw, to sculpt the jawline to appear heart shape and to reduce to appearance of a square jaw. This also helps the cheekbones to pop!

JAWLINE SCULPTING with Dermal Fillers
Sculpting the jawline with fillers to add definition and create a sharper jaw. .
I have never urged anyone to undertake treatment and this is against my ethics as a practitioner .
My post is certainly not aimed at urging anybody to do anything, as the text makes very clear.***

9188 186

Can lips be enhanced VERY subtly so NO ONE will be able to tell?
YES! IF the anatomy and shape are both respected .

This girl wanted to have a slightly fuller lips especially the upper one , which is always the one where the loss of collagen appears first .
I Injected 0.5 of Restylane Kysse @restylaneusa between upper and lower lip .
Results will last around 6 months .

10187 167

Thank you so much @jenlublindesign .

Happy Monday everyone 💕💕💕

9548 178


A subtle dorsal hump reduction which made a MASSIVE difference to the patient ‘ s confidence .
Small changes make the biggest difference .
The treatment has been done with hyaluronic acid dermal filler which results last up to 6 months , depending on the person ‘ s metabolism .

6737 160
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