– Give your skin a break from makeup!

– The majority of us are staying at home, so we have plenty of time to follow a thorough skin routine: make sure you take every step, from cleanser to toner, from serum to SPF.

– drink plenty of water: the filler is highly hydrophilic (which means it loves and attracts water ).
This will help to keep the molecules dermal filler plumped if you have filler.

– eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they will nourish your skin with a lot of vitamins.

– eat plenty of dried fruits and fibres, they will help your digestive system and therefore your system to get rid of the toxins: great help to prevent spots and acne.

– stay away from refined sugars and chocolate: it will show on your skin with dryness and breakouts.

– ask your aesthetics doctor to recommend you some skin supplements to boost your collagen production while waiting to have your skin treatments topped up .

– despite the very limited (if any) time allowed outside, make sure you apply religiously spf at least 40 + on your skin: the Uv rays coming from the windows are enough to age your skin and create pigmentation.

– make the most of self-isolation to work on your skin texture, using prescribed medical grade retinol (ask your aesthetics doctor ) once or twice a week: as sunny holidays seem far away we can rejuvenate our skin by applying this incredibly active ingredient which accelerate the new skin production. Even if we peel and have redness, we don’t have any events or parties to attend!

– don’t forget that screens (iPad, computer and cellphones ) are creating radiations and giving them back to our skin: make sure you are protecting it with a combination of Vitamin C and spf to bounce back more than 80% of Uv rays.

– and then relax: make time for meditation, exercise or stress relief. Your skin will thank you!

– go to bed early if you can and sleep: you can use this self-isolation time as a retreat for your skin .. and mind.

The skin cells need time to renew and repair.