Face shape sculpting

Which face shape do you have?

There are seven basic face shapes:

  • square
  • round
  • triangle
  • pear
  • long
  • diamond
  • oval
  • heart
  • inverted triangle

The face shape plays a huge part in respect to beauty. Many people do not like their face shape, feeling it is too round, square or is spoilt by asymmetrical features (with symmetry proven to be a key factor in perceived female attractiveness).

Knowing and understanding your face shape can help you make decisions about makeup, hair and which way to turn for that photo.

Any face shape can also be flattered and rejuvenated by more sculpted cheekbones and a sharper jawline. However, facial sculpting is Dr Nina’s speciality and we can also work with you to move towards your desired face shape, using dermal fillers and Botox to add volume and structure.

Diamond face shape sculpting

A diamond-shaped face has a narrow eye line and jaw line. The cheekbones, where the face is widest, are broad, high and prominent while the chin is narrow, delicate and pointy.

To achieve this face shape, fillers are injected into the cheekbones to make them high and prominent, and into the chin to make it more pointy. Botox is injected into the jaw to make it finer and into the forehead, to smooth lines and lift the eyes, which can make the forehead seem narrower.

Heart face shape sculpting

This is similar to the diamond face shape, with wide and high cheekbones and pointy chin. However, the cheeks are less prominent and the whole look is rounder and softer, with less dramatic angles.

To achieve this face shape, filler is injected into the cheekbones and chin and Botox is injected into the jaw muscles and into the forehead to smoothen it.