“Women glow differently when they love the skin they are in”

Silk Pillowcase
Keep your face healthy using a silk pillowcase; there are many benefits such as it helps prevent wrinkles, helps your skin retain moisture, it has hypoallergenic properties, and it also benefits your hair too!

Beauty Sleep
In a perfect world, we all should have at least 8 hours of sleep! Sleep is still the most important factor.

Drink plenty of water
By drinking enough water it helps your digestive system flush the toxins out of the body. This will help improve your complexion for healthy and glowing skin. Furthermore, the filler is highly hydrophilic (which means it loves the water), so the more water you drink, the plumper the filler will look!

A slice of Lemon
In the morning with warm water also helps to cleanse your digestive system . Top tip: drink it through a straw to avoid teeth erosion.

Skincare regime
Always use skincare suited to your skin type. Medical grade skincare …….. please contact me for any further information.

By exercising it keeps everything moving! We don’t want to slow anything down.

You are what you eat! Always eat healthy it shows on the inside as well as the outside.