Non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening treatments are cosmetic procedures to change the look of your face, neck, chest and stomach.

All these procedures cause minimal discomfort compared to more invasive surgical procedures. They also have little to no recovery times, which allows patients to get back to everyday life almost immediately.

In this post, we are going to focus on explaining the best skin tightening treatments that Nina Bal performs regularly at her Facial Sculpting clinics in London.

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Best Treatments for Skin Tightening

Skin aging is a fact of life; everyone will go through it sooner or later.

When you’re born, your skin is rich with proteins called elastin and collagen. These proteins give your skin structure and elasticity. As you age, your body’s production of these proteins slows down and your skin starts to lose its elasticity.

With time and with the influence of external factors such as pollution, sun damage, stress, cigarette smoke, etc. your skin might start to appear wrinkly and saggy. Other factors, such as pregnancy and weight loss, can also contribute to stretch marks and sagging skin.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments target areas of your skin that have become loose and help stimulate collagen production.

best treatments to tighten skin

Two of the best treatments for tightening loose skin performed by Nina Bal are: MINT PDO Thread Face Lift and Profhilo.

Keep reading for a detailed description of both treatments, or book a consultation with Nina Bal for more information and discuss options.

MINT PDO Thread Face Lift

MINT stands for Minimal Invasive Nonsurgical Threads, and is commonly known as the Thread Face Lift. It is a minimally invasive alternative to surgery, that serves to make your face look younger and brighter without the need for cutting away the skin.

MINT PDO threads provide a revolutionary type of facial rejuvenation that can dramatically improve your looks and reduce the signs of aging without surgery.

In a thread lift, threads are inserted underneath the skin to lift sagging skin instantly and effectively. The threads are mainly used on the face and the neck, but can also be used to lift skin on the body.

The thread lifting procedure is a minimally invasive, safe and effective procedure with little downtime – especially when performed by an experienced practitioner such as Nina Bal.

MINT PDO Threads Explained

MINT PDO threads are the latest innovation from South Korea. They consist of a dissolvable suture made from a complex sugar called PDO (polydioxanone), which has been used in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications for many years because of its extremely safe profile.

This material is non-allergic and non-antigenic and is also completely biodegradable, meaning the body completely absorbs the PDO material over time.

The MINT PDO threads come in varies sizes, shapes and thicknesses. They are also FDA approved and are one of the preferred PDO threads because of their stronger lifting power compared to other threads.

Knowing how to use them correctly requires advanced skills to use them effectively and safely.

Benefits of MINT PDO

  • Long-lasting results
  • Little risk of adverse reaction
  • Minimal downtime
  • No incision = no scarring
  • May be repeated as necessary and combined with other anti-aging treatments
  • Excellent alternative to surgical options
  • 2-in-1 lifting and firming procedure: patients may also experience improvement in skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity from collagen stimulation and neovascularization, which will give the skin an overall firmer and tighter look over time.
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MINT PDO Thread Lift FAQs

How Does The MINT PDO Thread Lift Procedure Work?

Before the treatment, a strong topical numbing cream is applied. After 30 minutes the treatment area is thoroughly cleansed and prepped. Local anaesthetic is injected into all the areas where the threads will be placed, so the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the thread insertions.

The MINT PDO threads are inserted underneath the skin in the predetermined areas, and then lifted upwards to achieve an instant, rejuvenating & contouring effect.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With The MINT PDO Thread Lift Procedure?

Mint PDO Threads are barbed and highly effective for:
– Sagging forehead and droopy eyebrows
– Sagging eyelid
Marionette lines
– Low or blunt nasal tip
– Nasolabial folds and smile lines (mid-face)
– Sagging jowls
– Sagging and wrinkled neck
– Double chin

Who Are Good Candidates For The MINT PDO Thread Lift?

The procedure is recommended for both women and men ages 30-50+ who experience moderate to heavy skin laxity in the face and neck, and who are not heavy smokers and/or drinkers. It is also recommended not to have any surgery at least 4 months before the treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects For The MINT PDO Thread Lift?

The MINT PDO thread lift is a very safe procedure, with no serious side effects. Mild bruising, swelling and tenderness are expected after the procedure, which will resolve within a few days to a couple of weeks.

How Long Does The MINT PDO Thread Lift Procedure Take?

The procedure can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. In total, you should expect the whole procedure to last for about two hours, which includes the prep, numbing and post-care. You may return to everyday life immediately after the procedure, but for 2 to 3 weeks you should avoid exaggerated facial expressions (like big smiles and yawns) and excessive neck until the threads are well incorporated into the tissue.

Is the Procedure Painful?

You may feel some slight stinging during the anaesthesia injections, but once they are complete you should not feel any pain from the threads. Immediately after the threads are placed, you will feel some tightness in the treatment areas and may have some soreness for several. Over the counter analgesic can be taken as needed for post-op comfort.

Best Skin Tightening Treatments thread lift

MINT PDO Thread Lift Results

The great thing about the MINT PDO thread lift is that you can immediately see natural-looking lifting results, such as:

  • Heart-shaped, higher cheekbone contour
  • Exotic, cat eye contour
  • Snatched, defined jaw line
  • Softer smile lines
    • Softer eyebrows
    • Smoother neck lines

Results will continue to improve over time as your body starts to regenerate more collagen for the next 3-6 months, up to one year.  After 1-2 months the skin will look rejuvenated, and you will notice a firmer and smoother texture to it.

Like all non-surgical cosmetic procedures, non-surgical facelifts will give you more subtle results compared to surgical procedures. However, even though you won’t ‘go under the knife’, the anti-aging results from a non-surgical facelift will be still significant.

It is important that you choose a specialist who is extremely knowledgeable in advanced thread lifting techniques with years of experience in aesthetic procedures, such as Nina Bal. Because everyone’s face is different, Nina Bal will discuss your aesthetic goals and create a customized treatment plan during your initial consultation.


Another popular treatment for skin tightening that Nina Bal has become an expert of is the Profhilo treatment.

Profhilo is a stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid indicated for the treatment of tissue remodelling and skin laxity, free of any chemical crosslinking agents.

Anyone who presents with signs of skin ageing and is suitable for dermal filler treatment is also suitable for treatment with Profhilo.

The key to Profhilo’s popularity is a unique structure and balance of scientific properties, including a high cohesivity, that allow the product to flow freely through subcutaneous tissue and the dermis, in a way that traditional hyaluronic acid fillers cannot.

Hybrid complexing allows Profhilo to provide greater benefits than each type of hyaluronic acid it contains, without the disadvantages.

Profhilo has better active restorative capabilities than low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. However, rather than being proinflammatory, Profhilo is actually less inflammatory than even high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and also has its restructuring capabilities.

Profhilo Treatment Intervenes:

  • In the physiological process of aging tissue, in presence of alterations in elastic fibers and collagen.
  • In the dermal tissue repair process, in cases of acne or scars.
  • In case of loss or compromised adipose tissue.
Profhilo Nina Bal
Profhilo hands

How Does Profhilo Work?

Profhilo can be administered in a number of different ways although the most common and effective method is to use the BAP technique.

BAP stands for bio aesthetic points, but what does this mean?

It basically means five areas on each side of the face are injected, while this will vary slightly depending on your face shape the positions are usually on the lower part of the face.

This is done to help reduce the number of injections needed and to allow the Profhilo treatment to more effectively fight the signs of ageing.

Areas you can treat and Benefits of Profhilo:

  • Areas to treat are mainly face and neck, but hands and chest as well
  • It gives hydration, luminosity, sparkle, firmness, strength to the skin with a very potent anti-ageing effect

Profhilo Results

Overall, patients can expect increased firmness, elasticity and an overall improved quality of skin, with the effects lasting up to six months.

Two treatments are recommended four weeks apart, with a follow-up appointment at week eight, to be repeated twice a year for optimal profhilo results.

Why Choosing Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

Non-invasive skin tightening treatments are far less invasive than surgical options, like facelifts and tummy tucks, and can produce similar results. The health risks of non-surgical cosmetic procedures are also much lower than those posed by surgery (such as infections, potential reactions to the anesthetic, scarring, etc.), and they often have minimal side effects.

Finally – perhaps one of the most attractive aspects is that non-invasive treatments have a much lower price tag since they don’t require the expense of anesthetic or additional surgical fees.


Non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are Nina Bal’s specialty, as she is most passionate about enhancing a patient’s innate beauty rather than changing her/his appearance completely.

Her philosophy is ‘less is more’ and she loves to make subtle aesthetic tweaks that lead to excellent, yet natural, results.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments such as MINT PDO thread lift and Profhilo are two of the latest developments in the world of cosmetic surgery and are proven to effectively reduce the signs of aging, giving you a natural and fresh look to your face.

Below you can read a couple of reviews from Nina Bals clients.

book a consultation with dr nina bal

I was recommended Nina Bal by a friend and by having seen my friend’s results in person and other results on Instagram I finally got in contact. When meeting her I instantly felt at ease, my never-ending questions were answered without any bother and I could really tell she wanted to help. The welcoming, caring vibe I got from Instagram was even more positive in person. At no point I felt under pressure. I couldn’t be happier with my results, I feel more confident and everyone keeps commenting on how fresh my face looks without even knowing what I had done. I couldn’t be more thankful or recommend her enough.


being a man, it was very important for me to achieve a look that isn‘t noticeable. I sat down and explained everything and what I wanted. Nina Bal listened and took on board everything I wanted done. Nina Bal then went ahead with my first treatment and what would become a life-changing moment for me. The results were phenomenal and I was in total shock as the treatment knocked years off my face. All my forehead lines and frown lines were gone and the lift to my eyebrows looked incredible and perfect! The best part about it is that everyone always says how great and refreshed I look and no one has ever guessed what I’ve had done. Due to Nina Bal, I have finally regained my confidence and can look at myself in the mirror and be happy, after the unsuccessful treatments I had previously had. Nina Bal is the best. 


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